Our Products

Ambient Vaporizers

Incryo manufactures the most comprehensive range of cryogenic ambient air vaporizers for the Industrial Gas, LNG and Petrochemical industries. We builds a full line of vaporizers for both process and disposal applications. We have a proprietary extended surface design that we use for process applications. We manufacture several different series of Cryogenic Ambient air vaporizers for different applications. Ambient air vaporizers use the relative “heat” of the atmosphere to derive the energy necessary for the vaporization of the liquid cryogen. Ambient vaporizers represent the most cost effective equipment to vaporize or re-gasify liquid cryogens.

Forced Draft Vaporizer

Forced draft vaporizers utilize forced convection as the heat transfer mechanism. Multiple fans mounted at the top of the vaporizer force high velocity air downward through the heat exchange array providing maximum heat transfer and high evaporation rates. The vaporizers comprise a number of individual multi-finned heat transfer extruded elements connected in various series and parallel paths to meet the exact requirements of individual applications. Forced convection units utilize standard spacing which minimizes the overall dimensions. Elements are connected together with manifolds to provide single inlet and outlet ports. Continuous 24/7 gas flow is possible by using multiple units with automatic changeover system. Low or high pressure versions with stainless steel or Monel liners are available.

Pressure Building Coils

We also manufacture high quality Pressure Building Coils to increase the pressure of the static storage tank or transport tank.
Service: LIN/ LOX/ LAR/ HELIUM/ LNG etc.

LNG Vaporizer

We have extensive experience designing LNG vaporizers to supply Natural Gas at a wide range of pressures, capacities, and flow profiles. These systems are complete with controls. The systems can be designed for either stationary single site applications or as portable systems to be transported from site to site on trailers, skids, or other mobile methods. They provide high capacity performance and faster defrosting.

Purging Vaporizers

Nitrogen Vaporizers offers a wide range of capabilities to both onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries for purging & pigging.

Also used for nitrogen drying, high-velocity flushing & pressure testing.

LIN/ LOX/ LAR/ LNG Switching Systems

Automatic switching system designed to run the vaporizer un-manned on a continues basis.

High Pressure Oil Field Nitrogen Vaporizers

Nitrogen is used in oil well application to reduce the weight of fluid in the wellbore. Nitrogen is pumped through the vaporizers and discharged at the well perforation.